American Philosophical Society

ARMM Associates prepared the plans and specifications for the replacement of clay tile shingle roofing system on the Philosophical Hall and Museum Galleries, as well as on the Library Hall.

American Philosophical Society – A Historical Restoration Project

Nestled behind the east wing of Independence Hall is Philosophical Hall, a brick building erected in 1783. The 2010 rehabilitation of the historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s American Philosophical Society is a great example of how a historic project often needs to be adjusted in order to address unforeseen structural issues. Although many construction projects seem straightforward on paper, unexpected problems can arise along the way. This was especially true when dealing with The American Philosophical Society.

In 2009, ARMM was tasked with conducting a rood audit on the American Philosophical Society’s building for the purpose of providing structural plans for a re-roof development project. Rehabbed a number of times since its original construction, a significant effort was made in 1940 following a third floor fire. That construction included a gypsum deck being incorrectly installed onto the standing joists. In evaluating the roof structure, it was revealed there were a series of issues which included fault with the yankee gutter around the perimeter and also the monitors of the window sections. Tasked to restore and reinvigorate this historical gem’s roof to what it was in the 1850s and 60s, the original roofline’s leader heads and leader boxes were induced. Close replication of the roof’s original terra cotta tile was specified and installed into decking very similar to what the original substrate was. Preserving the aesthetic and structural integrity of the new roof for years to come, a full-modified peel and stick membrane was applied to the underlayment. Today, the roof of this building on South 5th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been restored and adheres to the high standards set by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

How the project team deals with these unforeseen issues determines whether efforts will continue or dwindle. ARMM Associates brings a consistent and energetic approach to guide the fine details required in historical projects. After one conversation with us, you’ll see why we have a lengthy historical building project portfolio. Call us today and invite us to come see your project.