Solar Roof Consulting

ARMM Associates leads the dynamic solar roof consulting discipline, helping to convert costly, static roofing to environmentally advanced, revenue-generating investments.

For clients nationwide, ARMM Associates is the premiere structural and engineering interface between roofing installation and solar applications. Our seasoned principals have extensive experience in solar application installation and continue to engage photovoltaic thought leaders, manufacturers and installers on the transition, evolution and handling of equipment and technology.

Contact ARMM Associates today at 800-257-5261 to preview how a custom rooftop solar array installation can augment your building’s energy profile:

  • Proactively managing rapidly rising electricity costs, estimated to increase over 75 percent in 15 years
  • Curtailing long-term utility energy usage
  • Potentially gaining a revenue stream through Renewable Energy Credits
  • Recouping solar application expenses in as few as three to four years
  • Fulfilling corporate sustainability objectives

ARMM Associates has developed and is the only industry source for proprietary solar roofing installation equipment and techniques such as:

  • The patent-pending ARMM Associates Solar Foot, which secures solar installations atop roofing membranes and insulations without damage to roofing materials or structure. The Solar Foot endures harsh environmental conditions, including wind measures in excess of 90 miles per hour
  • Utilizing isocyanurate hardboard as a secure top surfacing that durably supports solar arrays for extended longevity and security

Our team manages cost-effective, durable array installation without compromising roofing material integrity or longevity. Our proven approach ensures that installations we oversee proceed to completion as planned.

ARMM Associates solar roofing consulting comprises:

  • Evaluating roofing design plans/current roofing structure/materials for solar application suitability
  • Preparing detailed drawings and specifications for solar installations, including proprietary ARMM Associates materials and techniques as indicated
  • Overseeing project management as indicated
  • Interfacing/negotiating among roofing contractors, solar installation firm, utilities, to secure contractual agreements, including power purchase agreements
  • Deploying certified solar installation monitors to observe and report adherence to plans, specifications and installation procedures
  • Completing and filing documentation for federal and state rebate programs as well as REC programs
  • Reviewing solar installation at intervals following project completion