Roof Forensic Litigation

Nationally known for its services in this arena, ARMM Associates is the preeminent roofing consultant for litigation support in the United States, with over 40 cases per year on average.

Irremediable leakage, an extended repair record, building damage, asset damage, roof failure – these conditions can force litigation. ARMM Associates provides detailed, extremely accurate support to building owners and legal teams across the country. Few roofing consultants offer our valuable combination of roofing experience, technology/product knowledge, highly accurate testing data and courtroom success record.

Recommended by attorneys and professional associations, ARMM Associates offers litigation support for all roofing membranes, including composite (BUR), single ply, foam (PUF), metal and insulations. Call today at 800-257-5261 to speak with our ARMM Associates team about your forensic litigation needs.

The ARMM Associates litigation support team:

  • Reviews all case documentation
    • Responsibilities of involved parties, including materials supplier, architect, sureties, general building contractor and roofer, as indicated
    • Original plans and specifications
    • Material specs and samples
    • Contributing structural details
    • Additional contributing factors, including heading, ventilating and air conditioning systems as potential roof failure causes
    • Site visit, if indicated
  • Independently tests and verifies roofing issues
    • Destructive testing of topside membrane materials and composites at ARMM Associates in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory
    • Additional forensic procedures as indicated
  • Prepares a comprehensive findings report, suitable for court submission, with illustrations, photographic documentation, procedures discussion, applicable citations and guaranteed accurate results
  • Prepares litigation for trial, including advising/meeting with legal team to develop case structure
  • Appears at trial as expert witness