Roof Maintenance Programs

ARMM Associates tailors its roof-monitoring programs to prolong roof life and promote long-term cost-efficiency. Call ARMM Associates today to simplify your warranty documentation, maintenance and claims procedures with our exclusive Integrated Warranty Information System.

ARMM Associates recommends scheduling yearly evaluations to occur automatically, helping to:

  • Protect roofing investments
  • Protect interior assets
  • Reduce long-term capital expenditures
  • Increase building safety
  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Address insurance requirements
  • Improve roof replacement planning and budgeting

Our comprehensive yearly inspections typically include:

  • Inspection of each roofing installation by our highly trained professional inspectors
  • Producing a roof map that illustrates locations of drains, vents, HVAC equipment penetrations and other protrusions
  • Photographic documentation of roof observation
  • As requested, recommended short and long-term maintenance/repair measures and maintenance/repair scheduling with associated cost estimates for planning and budgeting
  • As requested, detailed discussion of roof redesign/replacement and roof technology/product options and estimated costs
  • As requested, roofing contractor references and recommendations.