Exterior Wall Evaluations

ARMM exterior wall enclosure experts have provided evaluations for a variety of exterior enclosure water infiltration issues for various exterior wall systems.

ARMM exterior enclosure experts have extensive experience in curtainwall, window and exterior enclosure systems. ARMM Associates is able to provide a concise report outlining in detailing the issues pertaining to your projects water infiltration, maintenance issues. Our Licensed architects utilize the latest technology and their extensive years of experience in evaluating water infiltration issues. ARMM will explore the options for correction and provide clear recommendations for the required remediation. ARMM Associates can also provide a full set of construction documents which will include large scale details and specifications as well as following the project through its successful completion, Providing you the end user with peace of mind knowing the project has been corrected properly. We can provide you upon your request a list of satisfied clients that we have provided our services to.

ARMM Associates prides itself on the high quality of work we do and the services we provide. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your exterior enclosure needs and can provide a complimentary review of your project at no charge.

Questions regarding any of our exterior wall evaluation services? Contact us or give us a call at 800-257-5261 today to address any of your structure’s exterior needs!