Company Profile

“Quality, Design and Personal Service” – The ARMM Associates Philosophy

With roofing costs representing a significant budget line item, it pays to invest wisely and protect your roofing investment. Called the nation’s most qualified roofing consultant, ARMM Associates ensures that your roofing is well designed, professionally managed, cost-effective, correctly installed, properly maintained and durable for the long-term.

ARMM Associates consults in the following areas:

  • Roofing/structural audits and evaluation
  • New Roofing Design and Roofing Repair Design
  • Solar Roof Installation, featuring proprietary technology
  • Historic Preservation for Roofing Applications
  • Roof Construction Project Management, including bidding support
  • Roof Maintenance, including exclusive digital warranty management
  • Composite Laboratory Testing at our in-house lab
  • Forensic Litigation Support

Thriving since 1966, ARMM Associates is among the oldest – and the oldest family-owned – roof consulting firms in the country. Fully committed to high quality results delivered with a warm personal touch, we empower every team member to ensure that each client is completely satisfied.

With extensive experience in a broad range of industries, ARMM Associates has designed and monitored roof construction projects across the country. We maintain current and comprehensive knowledge of disciplines critical to superior roof consulting: architecture, renovation, land planning, urban design, engineering, construction economics, city planning, regional planning and interior design.

Frank J. Moore, R.A., AIA

With nearly 48 years of industry experience and more than 22 as ARMM Associates president, Frank J. Moore has a wealth of roofing consulting experience. He has formulated and applied built-up roofs in asphalt, coal-tar, modified bitumen, thermoplastic, elastomeric, polyvinyl chloride and neoprene single-plies. He is an acknowledged leader in design, implementation and technology innovation for solar roofing installation. An in-demand expert witness, he receives judicial acclaim for exceptional litigation support and persuasive testimony concerning complex technical topics. Frank J. Moore holds a B.S. in Architecture from Drexel University and a B.S. in Economics from Babson College.

Licenses and Certifications:

ARMM Associates maintains comprehensive national, state and organizational licensure and certifications. We obtain additional qualifications as individual projects require; contact us regarding your specific roof consulting needs and project location.

Call ARMM Associates today at 800-257-5261 to learn why these assurances are essential for effective roofing consulting.

National Licensure:

NCARB: 64838

Organizational Licensure:

American Institute of Architecture: 30044749

State Architectural Licensure:

  • Connecticut: ARI.0010269
  • Delaware: S50007062
  • District of Columbia: ARC100750
  • Florida: AR94122
  • Maryland: 13625
  • Massachusetts: 30620
  • New Jersey: 21A101637700
  • New York: 03-026055-1
  • Pennsylvania: RA012060X