Drexel University

After years of ongoing maintenance issues and repairs to Drexel University’s main building’s skylight Drexel University contacted ARMM Associates for evaluation and recommendations. One of the building’s main features is the naturally lighted great court and truss supported skylight system. Being over 100 years old, the skylights were a continuous source of leaking and maintenance issues causing damage to some of the interior finishes of both the main lobby, museum and studio skylights.

ARMM Associates’ Technical Architect performed non-destructive evaluations of the skylights and recommended that the units be replaced. ARMM assisted the university in providing an approach that would replace the system providing for a skylight that was both sensitive to the historic nature of the building while incorporating the advantages of today’s latest technology.

The primary truss system will continue to be utilized and a new aluminum and polycarbonate system will be utilized. The original structural system was evaluated and the new skylight system would be considerably lighter than the original system thereby lightening the dead load of the original building.

ARMM assisted the university by providing preliminary cost estimates, performing field surveys of the existing conditions, and developing a complete set of architectural drawings and specifications. Based on their project budget, ARMM also recommended that separate alternates be provided enabling the university to make an alternate selection based on actual bid cost – if required.

The alternate was utilized and ARMM is now following the project through the construction phase need for skylight replacement of the campuses main building. Built in 1891 the building was designed by well-respected Philadelphia architect Joseph M. Wilson.

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