Rockaway Township Schools

Rockaway Township Schools – A School Building Project

Located in Rockaway Township New Jersey, Rockaway School district contacted ARMM Associates for two of their school’s reroofing design needs. One was the Stonybrook School and the other one was the Copeland Middle School. ARMM roof experts evaluated the roofs of both schools and provided a design using a EPDM roofing system. This design was implemented and installed in compliance with ARMM’s drawings and specifications.

Two years later at the School Board request, ARMM was tasked with evaluating and providing a solution for installing solar panels onto the existing EPDM roof already installed at each facility.

ARMM assisted the School Board on securing a Direct Purchase of Solar Arrays and through a series of meetings with not only the school board but the general population, the Board approved the approach to put a solar application on both facilities.

Following a design that ARMM generated, the package was placed out to bid and the contract was awarded and completed. The end result was that the general output of the solar application was greater than anticipated and the school board was already appreciating a greater solar input, therefore eliminated their amount of cost for their electric for both. Substantial utilities savings are being consistently realized.

How the project team deals with these unforeseen issues determines whether efforts will continue or dwindle. ARMM Associates brings a consistent and energetic approach to guide the fine details required in school building projects. After one conversation with us, you’ll see why we have a lengthy school building project portfolio. Call us today and invite us to come see your project.