South Plainfield School District

South Plainfield School District – A School Building Project

Located in central New Jersey, South Plainfield School district contacted ARMM Associates for their school roofing and exterior envelope needs. ARMM Associates roof experts evaluated the roofs of entire School District’s buildings and developed an approach to address the issues relating to leaking roofs and exterior wall. It was determined the High School and Middle School needed new roofs, while the six remaining elementary schools required repairs. Based on the evaluations made, ARMM approached the High School and Middle School in a way that was able to save money and provided an excellent roofing system.

The evaluation included an infrared scan which revealed there were small areas of moisture in the roofs which could be removed and replaced. While the existing 4-ply roof membrane system was in need of replacement, ARMM developed an approach where that system could remain and a new cover board and white TPO roof membrane was applied over top of the existing system, essentially saving money in removal and disposal of the roofing system, as well as enhancing the performance of the envelope with a white TPO roof membrane, which reduces the heat absorption in the warmer months, thereby reducing the energy costs for the School District.

By doing this, the School District was able to save a significant amount of money on the High School and Middle School projects. In addition, the remaining six elementary schools were repaired based on recommendations made by ARMM, which would prolong the life expectancy of the existing roofing systems on those buildings by 3 to 5 years. While planning for future roof replacements, this enabled the School District to save enough money that the entire roofing stock on all their buildings was addressed.

In addition, other areas of building envelope were identified including brick pointing and sealants around existing curtain wall systems, which were replaced and made wearthertight. As a result, the entire building envelope and roofing systems for the South Plainfield School District were addressed for under $2 million. The square footage for new roofing at the High School and Middle School totaled approximately 260,000 square feet, plus the Elementary Schools, adding value to the approach through analysis. Utilizing systems that are proven reliable, this School District was able to receive a 20-year warranted roofing system, all for a very competitive price.

How the project team deals with these unforeseen issues determines whether efforts will continue or dwindle. ARMM Associates brings a consistent and energetic approach to guide the fine details required in school building projects. After one conversation with us, you’ll see why we have a lengthy school building project portfolio. Call us today and invite us to come see your project.