Winslow Township Middle School

Located in Winslow Township, New Jersey, the school district approached ARMM Associates after they had received bids on the roof replacement project for the Middle School, where the bids received were $250,000 over the budgeted estimate of $2.5 million.

The Winslow Township school district did not have additional funds to increase the budget to award the contract. ARMM Associates was engaged to evaluate the designed roofing system and specifications and provide value engineering to bring the project in budget for the School District. In the review of the documents, ARMM opened the bids to five roofing systems that were all comparable and providing a competitive bidding market, while still maintaining a 20-year warranty on the roofing system, which was similar to the system originally designed.

The plans and specifications were revised, re-bid and awarded based on a price of $1.4 million. This provided the School District with a savings of over $1 million. In addition to the savings, ARMM provided construction-monitoring services reviewing the roofing installation process on a daily full-time basis to ensure the quality of the installation followed the plans and specifications.

The roofing system has since been successfully installed and 30-year warranty has been provided, and as a result the School District has been able to utilize the $1.1 million surplus on additional capital improvements.

How the project team deals with these unforeseen issues determines whether efforts will continue or dwindle. ARMM Associates brings a consistent and energetic approach to guide the fine details required in school building projects. After one conversation with us, you’ll see why we have a lengthy school building project portfolio. Call us today and invite us to come see your project.